11 oz
90% Cotton, 9% PES, 1% Elastan
Origin: France
Finish: Memory Fabric-Coating
Fit: G7-Sartorial Slim
Measurements in cm: Waist - Knee - Hem: 45-21-18
Number of stitches: 7348

The sulphur-dyed fabric has a double dyed appearance making it look clean and slightly shiny in its raw state.
The PES Polyester percentage in its composition supports the great recovery of this fabric that prevents it from growing lose and not jumping back to its shape.
To reduce the shine it has been partially hand scraped and washed with softener that creates a soft handfeel as well as removes all dust and cleans the surface.
All stitches have been done using an indigo dyed yarn that with time lightens up from a deep navy to an off-white.